Our faculty and students achieved excellent results in the third MIB International Business Negotiation Competition

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Recently, the semi-final of the third National MIB International Business Negotiation Competition was held at China University of Political Science and Law. The win win team, guided by Professor Ge Qiuying from the School of International Trade and Economics and Professor Xiang Wei, who is an off campus practical supervisor, won the third prize in the group competition. Professor Ge Qiuying was awarded the honorary title of Best Instructor.

 Under guidance of the National Directing Committee for Graduate Education in International Business , this competition is a national MIB postgraduate competition jointly sponsored by the Legal Affairs Department of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Secretariat of the International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Resolution Organization and the China University of Political Science and Law. This competition attracted more than 55 well-known universities and 88 representative teams from China, including the China University of Political Science and Law and Renmin University of China, to participate in the preliminary round. After three rounds of anonymous expert evaluations and meetings, 16 representative teams ultimately stood out. Under the careful guidance of our teachers, our school's representative team, based on a mutually beneficial and win-win negotiation philosophy, meticulous logical thinking, and solid professional skills, flexibly used business negotiation strategies, advanced and retreated appropriately, and collaborated with competitors to demonstrate a vivid and intuitive negotiation competition. It showcased the good spirit and high comprehensive qualities of our school's postgraduate students majored in international business, and ultimately achieved excellent results.

Figure 1: Group photo of participating teachers and students

Figure 2: MIB competition site of the semi-finals

        The school of International Economic and Trade has deeply studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully utilized its disciplinary and teaching advantages, and supported students to actively participate in disciplinary competitions such as the National MIB International Business Negotiation Competition. Our school's semifinals team consists of international business graduate students Zhang Weixing, Zhao Chunlin, Xiong Ruiqi, Zou Zijing, Tang Bohan, international trade graduate student Yu Xueqing, and enterprise management graduate student Jia Kaile. Under the guidance of the teachers, the team actively prepares and overcomes unfavorable factor. The participating team members use a combination of online and offline methods to conduct regular simulation negotiation exercises and make various contingency plans for possible changes in the negotiation process. The guidance teacher provided careful guidance to the participating students, helping the team to complete sufficient pre-competition preparations in terms of negotiation strategies, professional knowledge, negotiation etiquette, etc., providing great encouragement and confidence to the team members. Through methods such as teaching during competitions, learning during competitions, and training during competitions, we aim to strengthen students' understanding of international business knowledge, improve their innovation, scientific research, and practical abilities, and cultivate interdisciplinary and innovative high-level talents.

Figure 3: Our school representative team actively prepares for the competition