Education for foreign students

The College of International Economics and Trade is one of the main training units of foreign student education in Anhui University of Finance and Economics. At present, there are 9 international students, including 5 undergraduate students and 4 graduate students. Our foreign students come from Argentina, Russia, Vietnam, Chad and other countries. They get along well with each other and Chinese students.

Training methods for international students

The college adopts special training methods according to the special conditions of foreign students. In order to help foreign students adapt to Chinese courses and eliminate learning difficulties. The college adopts a combination of multiple teaching methods according to the learning situation of foreign students, specifically including: some courses follow the class, difficult courses are replaced separately, and language courses are specially offered.

Foreign Student Management

In order to enable foreign students to quickly adapt to local life in China, solve various difficulties in life and study, promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, and encourage them to participate more in school activities, the college has specially set up a work-study position of foreign student liaison. Each international student is equipped with liaison officers to help them get familiar with the campus, contact with teachers and give them various help in their study and life.

Life of international students

Our foreign students get along well with Chinese students and actively participate in various class and college activities.

Exchange between international students and Chinese students

Group photo of students participating in the school football team

International students participate in class activities