About Us

The School of International Trade and Economics of Anhui University of Finance and Economics (SITE, AUFE) was originally founded in May 1959 as one of the first three schools of the University.


In recent years, the School of International Trade and Economics has developed rapidly. The School adheres to the AUFE's motto -- integrity of mind, soundness in knowledge, unity of conscience and action, considering the market and social demand as the guidance, taking the student as the center, through the combination of theory and practice teaching, the combination of in-class study and extra-curricular learning, and the combination of teaching and research activities. The goal is to cultivate application-oriented, compound, and global talents with innovative spirit, practical ability, and growth potential.


SITE is composed of the department of international trade and economics, the department of trade and economics, and the department of international business. These three departments all enroll undergraduate students, besides, there is an international cooperative education program of the major of international business. SITE also recruits academic graduate students in the major of international trade, industrial economics, and world economy, and recruits professional graduate student in the major of international business. In addition, SITE has also established three research institutes (The Institute for International Trade Research, the Institute for Industrial Economics and the Institute for World Economy), one experimental teaching center (The SITE Experimental Teaching Center), and two practical laboratories (the Laboratory for International Business and the Laboratory for Trade Practice), and the Master of International Business (MIB) Education Center.


There are 64 faculty members in SITE, including 58 full-time teachers, 27 with senior professional titles, 31 Ph.D.s (including Ph.D. candidates), and 19 with overseas study and visiting experience. SITE has also hired many experts as part-time professors from famous universities, research institutes, government agencies, and well-known enterprises. In recent years, the faculty has undertaken and completed a number of national and provincial research projects, as well as horizontal projects commissioned by relevant government departments, enterprises, and institutions, and published a number of influential academic papers and books. In terms of specialty building and discipline construction, SITE has also achieved remarkable achievements in recent years.      


SITE currently has more than 1500undergraduate and graduate students. And a series of practical and studyactivities have been organized, such as the Individual EnglishTalent Show Competition, Business Plan Design Competition, National Business Universities' Professional Skill Competition and International Trade Professional Skill Competition, through which the platform was built for students to express themselves, show their talents,cultivate their interests, increase their abilities and improve theircomprehensive quality. 


Over the years, our graduates have found success in a wide range of careers. And the rate of students for pursuing master's degree also has been rising steadily, some of them are admitted by prestigious universities, such as Monash University, George Washington University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Wuhan University, Jinan University, Central University of Finance and Economics, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.


SITE also attaches great importance to international cooperation. We now have more than ten international students come from Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and other countries. We have established the strategic cooperative relations with universities abroad, such as the University College Cork in Ireland and North Park University in the United States, and we also have a 2 years + 2 years joint degree program with The University of Newcastle in Australia.