Beautiful scenery on a beautiful day: the International Trade College launched the Mid Autumn Festival themed class activities

Release Time:2022-09-14Visits:52

As the bright moon shines over the “HUAI” river,from far away you share this moment with me.From September 9 to September 10, on the occasion of the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, in order to enrich students’ extracurricular life and make students feel the warmth of the big family, all classes of counselors and students celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival together.

Under the guidance of counselors, each class carried out rich and interesting campus activities. Students sit around and sing loudly. Dance, electric piano, guitar......students are emerging one after another. All kinds of interesting games, such as Who is undercover, Guess Idioms from Pictures and Great Adventure from the Heart, have aroused students' passion and vitality. The 2022 freshmen took this opportunity to make in-depth exchanges, and the teachers and students became more familiar with each other in the activities. The atmosphere of the Mid Autumn Festival came into being.

      This Mid Autumn Festival coincides with Teacher's Day. During the activity, all students expressed their gratitude to the teacher for his inculcation while expressing their Mid Autumn blessings. The teachers also gave guidance to the students on their learning life in the new semester, hoping that the students could have a full harvest this semester.

       As night falls, in a bright moon, the 2022 Mid Autumn Festival themed class activity of our hospital comes to an end. This Mid Autumn Festival students responded to the school's call to stay in school for the holidays, expressed their wishes to their families and friends through telephone, video and other online ways, and also deeply felt the charm of traditional culture and enhanced the class cohesion through offline activities. In the laughter and bright moonlight, teachers and students spent an unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival.

(Writer: Chen Zeyu; Photographer: Cheng Fangfang, Ren Linlin, Cheng Sixi; Reviewer: Hu Zunliang Translated: Zhou yue )