Pioneer Lecture 11: Yuan Pinghong Delivers a Special Lecture on "Whose Youth Is Not Lost"

Release Time:2022-05-27Visits:36

On the afternoon of May 4, the final of the College Students' Career Planning Competition of the Institute of International Economics and Trade was held at 203 Mingde building, east campus. Gao Peihua, associate professor of the School of Business Administration, Zong Hui, director of the College Students' Career Teaching and Research Office, Wang Jizhuo, full-time counselor of the school of Arts, Hu Chuntao, organizer of the college, and Zhou Jing, assistant to the president, were specially invited as judges. Student representatives of all classes were invited to observe the competition.

With the theme of establishing professional awareness and planning a wonderful life, this competition aims to guide students to establish professional planning awareness, master planning methods and lay the foundation for winning a better future. Since the start of the competition, it has received a positive response from students. Nearly 200 students participated in the preliminary competition. After evaluation, a total of 16 players entered the final. The final is divided into three parts: comparison of career plans, PPT presentation and on-site comments by judges. In the course of the competition, all contestants formulated clear career goals in combination with their own majors, and elaborated their career planning and design contents from the aspects of self cognition, career cognition, plan implementation, evaluation and adjustment. Through confident and fluent ppt presentations, the contestants fully demonstrated the good spirit and career ideals of college students. According to the content of the contestants' career planning and on-site performance, the judges gave detailed guidance and comments from the perspectives of career planning guidance, accuracy and practicality.

Finally, after fierce competition, three students Jiang Wenqian, Liang Yi and Chu Lu won the first prize, seven students Liu Weidong and Zhou Xiufang won the second prize, and six students Zhang Zhicheng and he Meng won the third prize. Next, the college will continue to do a good job in guidance and training to effectively help students realize their career dreams.

(Written by Cheng Fangfang,Han Zhouzi, Photographed by Chen Zeyu, Reviewed by Hu Zunliang, Translated by Zhou Yue)