Pioneer Lecture 7: Professor Zhou Jing gave a special lecture on "Academic Planning and Thesis Writing Guidance for International Trade Majors"

Release Time:2021-10-25Visits:48

   On the afternoon of October 20th, the seventh session of the pioneer forum of the school of International Economics and Trade was held in the mock court of Boya building of Longhu East campus. Professor Zhou Jing, assistant dean of the college and director of the Department of International Economics and Trade, gave a special lecture on Academic Planning and Thesis Writing Guidance of International Trade Major, which was attended by more than 150 students majoring in 2020 International Economics and Trade.

At the beginning of the activity, Professor Zhou Jing took how to use HowNet as the starting point, combining with the questionnaire survey results before the discussion, guiding the students to actively understand the global financial hot spots, and using the literature database to be able to read frequently, so as to continuously improve their personal academic inquiry ability. Taking digital economy as an example, he led the students to sort out the basic process of literature review. Then, he focused on the training objectives of International Economy and Trade major, and hoped that the students would constantly improve their sense of responsibility, explore knowledge with a broad international vision and improve their comprehensive quality. Finally, Professor Zhou Jing hopes that while completing their studies, students should constantly improve their resilience, learn to face difficulties and setbacks, clarify their own positioning in the fierce competition, earnestly make academic and career planning, and strive to be college students with all-round development and mental health.