[The power of example • teachers] Chen Xu: a man who devotes himself to scientific research and determines to pursue his dreams.

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Chen Xu is CPC member, associate professor, doctor, postgraduate supervisor. In 2017, he obtained the doctor's degree in Applied Economics from Southeast University. He worked in the School of International Economics and Trade since June of the same year, employed as Longhu Scholar and a reserve candidate for academic leader of the University. He won the honorary title of promoting education - seeking elite scientific research model of the University in 2021. He is mainly engaged in research in the fields of international trade, industrial economy and green economy, and undertakes the teaching tasks of international trade courses. He presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Social Science foundation of Anhui Province, and published more than 20 papers in CSSCI / SSCI / SCI journals such as World Economy, Finance and Trade Economy, Economic Dynamics, Nankai Economic Research, International Trade Issues, Energy Policy, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics. The viewpoints of the paper were reprinted by Xinhua News Abstracts and China Social Science Abstracts. The research report was adopted by deputy ministerial government department and approved by deputy ministerial leaders in Shanghai. His part-time academic job   includes evaluation experts of NSFC, anonymous reviewers of World Economy, Finance and Trade Economy, Economic Trends, Energy Policy, Journal of cleaner production and other journals.

The path of scientific research highlights diligence, and the soul of scientific research is innovation. Chen Xu's achievements are derived from his hard study and from his infatuation and perseverance in international trade research. On the way of seeking knowledge, he regarded scientific research as his career, glory and life. Over the past five years, Chen Xu has devoted himself to the theme of economic spatial pattern and export trade. In order to accurately grasp the research status at home and abroad, he sorted and carefully read hundreds of excellent documents at home and abroad, and set himself the goal of solving three key scientific problems within five years. In order to keep up with the academic frontier, Chen Xu goes to Southeast University almost every month to attend the academic seminar organized by his doctoral supervisor Professor Qiu bin. After years of unremitting efforts, Chen Xu has gradually formed his own characteristic research direction. As the first author, he has published papers in many high-level journals such as World Economy, Finance and Trade Economy, Energy Policy and so on. His research views have been reprinted by Xinhua News digest and China Social Science Digest, obtained a high citation rate and had a good social impact.

Teachers are not only scholars who guide students to increase their knowledge, but also guides s

tudents on the road of life. Chen Xu always believes that teachers should not only have the profound knowledge to preach, teach and solve doubts, but also have the noble sentiment of dedicating to the cause of education without asking for any repay. No matter how busy his work is, Chen Xu always insists on Teaching for postgraduates and undergraduates. In the teaching process, he actively carried out the research of teaching methods and reform of teaching mode. In his class, he can always stimulate students' interest in learning, make profound theories easy to understand, integrate book knowledge with practical application and expand classical theories to the forefront of current research. The students' comments on Chen Xu were very strict in class, very awesome in lectures and very sincere in class.

In the process of postgraduate training and education, in order to create a better learning environment for students, he took the initiative to provide students with office desks and chairs, bookcases and various electronic equipment, actively encourage students to form their own research direction, helped students practice the three skills of reading, writing and speaking, and encouraged students to always be in a good position. Never forget yesterday's enlightenment, never slow down today's pace, never stop thinking about tomorrow. His graduate students have successfully published academic papers in SCI(zone 1)and CSSCI core journals.

Chen Xu actively undertook and participated in the research on practical problems concerned by local governments and applied theoretical knowledge to local economic construction. The two political consultative reports he wrote were adopted by Shanghai vice ministerial department and approved by vice ministerial leaders. His article Multi Center Structure of Urban Agglomeration Helps High-Quality Development of Foreign Trade published in Economic Information Daily and his article Integration of Agriculture and Tourism to Create a New Xiaogang Village published in Anhui Daily have received positive social evaluation. The research reports written by Chen Xu based on the key projects of Bengbu social science and the research project of economic and social development have been continuously adopted by be. In addition, he also deeply participated in the writing of the mid-term evaluation report of Fuyang's 13th five year plan and the development planning report of Bengbu's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and contributed his own strength to improving the school's social influence and reputation.

    Start with interest and end with love. For Chen Xu, academic research is his greatest hobby. Going deep into it can not only drive his own progress, but also stimulate him to give full play to his greater innovation potential. In the future, he will also focus on the research on the high-quality development direction of China's trade, and is committed to bringing the research results to the benefit of the society!