Cultivation Program for International Business Major ("2 years + 2 years" International Cooperation)

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I. Cultivation 0bjectives


This is a China - Australia cooperative education program. Anhui University of Finance and Economics (AUFE) and Newcastle University cooperate to cultivate students by 2 years + 2 years mode. The goal is training students with international vision and superior comprehensive quality.


II. Cultivation Features


Based on the education advantages of AUFE and Newcastle University, this program highlights the integration of Management Science and Economics. This program also pays more attention on bilingual teaching, practical and experimental teaching. It focus on cultivating students' ability to creatively apply the knowledge they have learned to analyze and solve practical problems in international business.


Graduates should master knowledge and skill in the following aspects:

1. Master the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought and the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics;

2. Master the basic theories, basic knowledge, and basic skills of Economics, Management Science and International Business;

3. Master the basic principles of international business and transnational operation, and be familiar with international business's practices and rules;

4. Master practical skills of international business and transnational operation, and familiar with international business processes and operation methods;

5. Master the basic ability to express by verbal or written method, and be good at interpersonal communication and information acquisition, and can analyze and solve international business problems independently;

6. Master qualitative and quantitative analysis methods of international business, and proficient in English communication and computer operation skills;

7. Have a healthy mind and body.


III. Conferral of Degree


The duration of the program is four years, and the mode of domestic studying for 2 years + studying abroad for 2 years is adopted to complete the study.


Those who have completed all the courses of the first two years at AUFE in accordance with the training scheme (obtained corresponding credits) and have met the admission requirements of Newcastle University, will be granted the qualification to study at Newcastle University. After completing the required credits and meeting the required conditions, the students will be conferred the bachelor's degree in Management Science by AUFE, and the bachelor's degree in Business by Newcastle University.

IV. Requirements for Credits


160 credits.


V. Course structure


Please refer to the instructional schedule for the first two years of domestic study arrangement.