Introduction of the major of Trade and Economics

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The major of Trade and Economics belongs to applied economics that studies commodity circulation relationship and rules with the method of economics. The major of Trade and Economics is one of the undergraduate majors with the earliest history and great influence in Anhui University of Finance and Economics (AUFE). Since the establishment of the university in 1959, it enrolled undergraduate students of the major of Trade for seven years (from 1963 to 1969). After the resumption of the university entrance examination, it began to enroll students in the major of Business Economy in 1979. In 1993, this major re-named to Trade and Economics. In 2004 this major was awarded as the AUFE's educational reform model major. Nowadays, AUFE's Trade and Economics major is the only one in Anhui Province, which already has a certain influence in China.


1. Cultivation Objective


The major of Trade and Economics aims to cultivate students who can have a solid foundation of economic theory, have the knowledge of trade theory and practice, and master the professional skills and methods of trade.


2. Cultivation Feature


According to the needs of social and economic development, this major inherits and carries forward our history advantage, adheres to the cultivation goal of training compound, application-oriented and global talents. This major pays more attention to the integration of domestic and foreign trade, the integration of trade in goods and services, and the integration of computer information technology and traditional trade.