Cultivation Program for Bachelor of Trade and Economics

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Program Overview2015 edition

I.         Objectives

This program aims at cultivating high-quality trade talents who are developed morally, intellectually and physically to adapt to the marketization, informatization and internationalization of trade, and are well-equipped with a solid foundation of economic theory as well as modern trade skills. Graduates of this program can well competent for related research work, such as business operation, online trade, import and export trade, trade investment and planning, trade management and etc, in both enterprises and governments.


II.        Characteristics and Requirements

According to the needs of social and economic development, this program inherits and develops our descipline advantages of Trade and Economics, and adhere to our talent cultivating objectives. On the basis of learning basic courses and core courses, students can choose extended courses according to their career planning and interests. Extended courses are mainly divided into three categories. One is courses on meso economic analysis, which develop students' ability to analyze industries and markets; one is traditional courses on business and economics, which expand students' knowledge and operational ability in business and economic activities; another one is courses on online trade, which cultivate students' ability and quality in trade practice in the era of internet economy by combining courses with the new trend of trade development.


III.      Educational System and Degree Granting

The basic length of this program is 4 years, with flexible options from 3 years to 6 years.


Those who have completed all courses in advance according to the training plan, obtained corresponding credits and met the requirements for graduation are allowed to graduate in advance (the length of schooling shall not be less than 3 years). Also, students can extend their study periods in school if they meet relevant regulations, but the periods shall not exceed two years of extension.


Students who have completed credits acquired within the prescribed educational period and passed examinations can receive the undergraduate diploma. Those who meet the requirements of Measures for Awarding Bachelor’s Degree to Undergraduates of Anhui University of Finance and Economics will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in economics. Students who fail to pass examinations will be punished according to relevant provisions of school roll management.


Students can choose to study on double majors and double degrees in the flexible educational system.


IV.      Graduation Requirement

160 credits


V.       Curriculum Structure and Credit Requirement

Curriculum Structure

Credit Requirement

General education courses

Compulsory courses


Optional courses




Characteristic courses



Basic courses

Common basic courses


Subject basic courses




Specialized courses

Core courses


Extended courses




Innovation and Entrepreneurship   courses



Practical education courses



Personalized courses